Brian Chan Rocks Philly & Our Westminster Snuff Suede Loafers 3 Ways

By Sabir Peele
On August 16, 2017

We Get To Know The Stylish Man Behind @Bchanism 


Brian Chan might be a newcomer to Philly by way of San Francisco, but, his sartorial style has been long envied by his large Instagram following for quite some time. Amassing over 65k followers via @bchanism, Chan has become a go to for style inspiration for any aspiring gent.

To welcome Brian to Philly, we gave him a pair of our Westminster snuff suede tassel loafers to see how he would style them into his wardrobe 3 ways. 

Urban Safari

Brian Chan via Cobble & Hyde Shoes

C&H: What excites you about moving to Philly?

@Bchanism: “For me it was exciting to move to Philly because it would give me a chance to explore a brand new city. I grew up in New Jersey, so there were occasional family trips to Philly, but I never really got to see what this city has to offer. Now as an adult, I get to do just that. Also, being much closer to NYC helps (for brand partnerships).”

Styling This Look

This outfit was inspired by Sabir Peele (@menstylepro)! I went with a very summer look with ripped white denim, a tropical shirt, and a unstructured sport coat. Surprisingly, suede is actually very appropriate for Summer due to it’s soft appearance so the loafers right perfectly!


Brian Chan via Cobble & Hyde Shoes

Brian Chan via Cobble & Hyde Shoes

Summer Corporate

C&H: How would you characterize your style?

@Bchanism: I would definitely say that my style is eclectic and sometimes out of the box, but it stays grounded in traditional menswear “rules”. I try to take my outfits and style to the next level by showing men (and women) how to have fun with dressing up!

Styling This Look

“This outfit was a blend of the two previous outfits. Fall-ish colors (browns, tans, and oranges), but done with Summer fabrics like Raw Silk and Linen. It was the best of both worlds!”

Brian Chan via Cobble & Hyde Shoes

Brian Chan via Cobble & Hyde Shoes

Brian Chan via Cobble & Hyde Shoes

Fall Is Coming

Brian Chan via Cobble & Hyde Shoes

C&H: What style mistakes are you slightly proud that you use to “pull off”?

@Bchanism: I used to “pull off” super loud colors, especially when it came to my trousers and blazers. They were what the industry called “GTH” or “Go-To-Hell” colors (ie. bright red, orange, or yellow pants). Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely people that can pull it off, but in my repertoire now, I can’t pull it off.

Styling This Look

“I went with a true Fall get-up, especially playing on the colors of the season (brown, burgundy, and navy) and then the seasonal fabrics (wools and tweeds). The Snuff suede fit right into that equation.”

Brian Chan via Cobble & Hyde Shoes


Photgraphy & Interview by Sabir M. Peele of Men’s Style Pro














#InstaFresh Four Week One

By Sabir Peele
On July 5, 2017

Being #InstaFresh isn’t about selfies, it’s about crushing the style game. Our weekly picks do just that and inspire the way Cobble & Hyde design shoes. 

Welcome C&H’s Inaugural #InstaFresh Four

Be Sure To #WalkAMileinCobbleandHyde at @CobbleandHyde on Instagram


 Angel Ramos                           Ignacio Quiles                             Lapo Elkann                     Denny Balmaceda

Cobble & Hyde #InstaFresh Four Week 1

Angel Ramos of @AngelBespoke

#InstaFresh Angel Ramos & Cobble & Hyde Westminster Suede Snuff Loafer

Angel Ramos was selected as Esquire Magazine’s Best Dressed Real Man in America in 2010 and has kept his reign over the menswear world ever since. The one-time luxury real estate agent turned menswear designer of Angel Bespoke has inspired troves of sprezzy-internet guys to step up their international style game. 

Why We Like His Style

With a flair for Italian-tailoring with an always present New York swagger, Angel sets himself apart from the typical American style. If you scour his Instagram account @AngelBespoke, you’ll see that his footwear of choice is a minimal pair of loafers.

For Ramos, we chose our Westminster Tassel Loafer in Snuff Suede.  


Ignacia Quiles of @SartorialPairings

Ignacio Quiles x Cobble & Hyde Wimbledon Chelsea Boots Black #InstaFresh

Ignacio is the guy on the web that you wished was your cool uncle. Model, designer and life-rockstar, Ignacio oozes the kind of confidence & style that’s so magnetising that you’re automatically drawn to him.

Why We Like His Style

With a deep appreciation for traditional tailoring, but, also having a keen eye for modern street style, Quiles style mixes both worlds effortlessly. One day you’ll see him fully suited with the finest headwear and the next he’s in full rockstar mode in distressed denim. Check out his Instagram account @SartorialPairings.

For Ignacio, we chose our Wimbledon Chelsea Boots in Black. 


Lapo Elkann of @Lapoiindependent 

Lapo Elkann #InstaFresh Cobbe & Hyde Shoes

Lapo Elkann is known worldwide for his over-the-top style and had many Best Dressed lists and for good reason. A member of the Agnielli family, this former marketing manager of Fiat and current president of Italia Independent, Lapo’s lifestyle matches his flamboyant but well-tailored style of dress.

Why We Like His Style

He’s willing to push boundaries & has fun when it comes to men’s style and product design. Any guy that can rock a 6-inch wide peak lapel tuxedo jacket and jeans with a beanie, while making it look good, gets a nod from us.

For Lapo we chose our Finchley Kiltie Loafer in Tan (for obvious reasons).

Denny Balmaceda of @Denny623

Denny Balmaceda #InstaFresh x Cobble & Hyde Shoes

If there’s a guy on this list that’s a true style chameleon it’s Denny BalmacedaBlogging since 2009, Denny isn’t just a trendsetter, he a creative that has caught the eye of many brands & publications like The Brooklyn Circus, Cadillac, GQ among others.

Why We Like His Style

Creating stylish looks is a good life skill, but, creating stylish looks that tell a story is an art that Denny. With an affinity for vintage style, especially from the 70’s, Denny somehow give that era a modern edge that only he can pull off. The other side of his style is modern streetwear with a love of high-top Jordan, Vans & leather jackets.

We chose the Latimer Boot in black for Denny because of his love of boots & suits combos.

Who do you think should be in our next #InstaFresh Four! Fill our the contact form below with your suggestions! 

Kenton Jodhpur Boot In Black 2 Ways

By Sabir Peele
On February 7, 2017

Our Kenton Jodhpur boot has become one of our most popular styles from the Bloomsbury Collection and we have two ways for you to style them into your wardrobe. Our modern take on this classic boot makes our Jodhpur perfect for the office and for the weekend, especially when you’re looking for a style upgrade.

The Office-Ready Kenton Jodhpur

Kenton Jodhpur Boot in Black – Cobble & Hyde | Havana Grey Check Suit – Suitsupply | Watch – Novo Watch | Striped Tie & Pocket Square – The Tie Bar | Black Leather Briefcase – Opperman London | Cutaway Collar Blue Oxford Shirt – Twillory

Amping up your work look can be a daunting task for almost every guy. As a result, most guys have been stuck in a rut when it comes to upgrading their footwear selection. You’ve taken the time to put together your best suited look and pairing it with a Jodhpur boot is the perfectly unexpected way to add some British rakishness to your style without peacocking at the office. Below are a few tips to pulling off this rockstar style at your 9 to 5.

  • Know Your Patterns: keep it simple! Too many patterns can really throw your look into fashion victim category. Opt for a subtle patterned or solid suit and simple accessories.
  • A Good Taper Goes A Long Way: your boots have a slender silhouette, so your pants and suit jacket so match. Get to a tailor and have your pants and jacket taken in slightly
  • Shine Bright: treat your boots like a pair of Oxford shoes and shine them up for the office

Jodhpur Weekender

Kenton Jodhpur Boot in Black – Cobble & Hyde | Red Knit Sweat Shirt – Todd Snyder | Black Watch Cotton Jacket – Barbour | White Jeans – Uniqlo | Winston Eyeglasses – Warby Parker | Mr. Dent Fedora – Goorin Bros | Black Weekender Watch – Timex

These boots are made for the weekend too! Headed to brunch or drinks with you buddies or even a casual date — leave those busted sneakers at home. It’s time to show off your style knowledge and maybe impress a few people. The Jodhpur boot has its history in horseback riding, so pay homage to their sporty roots by adding varsity style pieces like a tailored sweatshirt to this casual look. Feeling lost? Here’s a few tips to pulling off your sporty casual Jodhpur weekend look.

    • Contrasting Style:

pairing black shoes with white jeans is a classic but sometimes underutilized style move. They offer the perfect contrast that’s part high fashion & everyday style.

    • Add A Pop of Color:

a heathered red sweatshirt adds some needed color and sportiness to this look.

    • Playing The Field (Jacket):

a waxed cotton field jacket has similar style roots as the boots, so they’re made to be worn together. The subtle metal hardware of the zippers & buttons complement the Jodhpur boot buckle to a T.

( Sometimes You Need To Ease Into Style)

Were the Kenton Jodhpur Boots too advanced for your style? Try our:

Alperton Captoe In Black

Alperton Black Captoe Oxford

Or how about these:

Latimer Oxford Boots In Black

Latimer Black Leather Oxford Captoe Boot

Cobble & Hyde Pop-Up x Goorin Bros Hat Shop Rittenhouse

By Sabir Peele
On December 2, 2016

Cobble & Hyde is kicking off our Philly Holiday Trunk Show Series at Goorin Bros Hat Shop on Friday December 9th. 

Cobble & Hyde Pop up Shop at Goorin Bros Philly

We are excited to have you join us to try out our shoes (with new styles) and the beautifully crafted hats from Goorin Bros. Take advantage of special holiday discounts and meet the team behind the Cobble & Hyde brand from 10am to 5pm. Stick around from 6pm to 8pm for the Goorin Bros x Cobble & Hyde Holiday Party! 

Enjoy handcrafted shoes, hats & drinks! 

Sabir M. Peele of the popular menswear blog, Men’s Style Pro, will be hosting the pop-up & party!


The Right Snuff

By Sabir Peele
On September 27, 2016


Before Sabir M. Peele of Men’s Style Pro began freelance consulting for Cobble & Hyde — he was a valued customer. And, one of his favorite pair of shoes is Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords. Below check out how he styles them and why he loves our shoes.

Sabir M. Peele Of Men's Style Pro Wearing Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords

                                                                                                                     Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords (available in all sizes) $195



“As a shoe lover, finding a suede Oxford in the perfect hue of snuff brown is a feat onto itself. There’s a warmth in the texture that translates well in almost any outfit — suit to denim. My preferred way to style these Oxfords is with a pair of white jeans because of the contrast in color  + grounding affect they offer. During the colder months, these shoes will look great with natty tweed suit trousers in blue & grey.”

MSP in Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords

It’s About Bring The Look Together


“If you’re a follower of Men’s Style Pro (especially on instagram @MensStylePro), it’s a fact that I’m no stranger to a bold suit. This summer, I acquired this navy & green gingham suit for the London-based brand Hardy Amies. At first look, it’s a head turner that needs a strong grounding agent — which is why these Oxfords are my number one choice. The brown complements the green & navy of the suit and the texture of the shoes adds some depth to the look. These shoes give either tones a good name”

The Versatile Westminster Tassel Loafer

By Sabir Peele
On September 15, 2016


Fresh Step Forward

Fall is always an exciting time for men’s footwear because you can wear just about anything. Transition from the summer months in a great pair of loafers or add a new boot to your rotation — the possibilities are truly endless. To kick off our How-To Series, we’ve selected our Westminster Tassel Loafer in black to show you two ways to wear them this fall (or year-round).

Are you a suit or leather jacket guy? More than likely, you’re both of these guys — most guys teeter between both. Finding the right shoe that not only meets the formality of the office and the modern ruggedness of everyday casual wear is tricky. A tassel loafer might now come to mind as your first choice to wear with a leather jacket or a suit, but, these classic shoes hold their own in both sartorial situations. They might even become your secret weapon to no brainer dressing. 

Style Tips

  • Be A Style Rebel With A Cause: a leather jacket instantly conjures up James Dean-like vibes and he wasn’t one to shy away from donning a sharp pair of loafers. The combination together offers a contrast that’s modern, preppy and edgy all at the same time. (White socks optional)
  • Suitable For The Office: the light grey suit is this fall’s go to for taking the office by storm in style. Of course brown shoes are a classic & fail safe combination with that grey suit, but, black leather tassel loafers add an informal elegance to your suited kit that’s unexpected. Add accessories like a charcoal wool tie and black leather watch for some depth and to complement your shoes perfectly.

Shined Bright: a dull shoe = a sad shoe (especially black leather shoes). If you’re wearing your shoes 2 to 3 times per week, they’ll need a fresh shine once a week. Saphir makes outstanding polish and leather conditioners that will keep all your shoes primed & shined! 

How do you know quality when you see it? Here are some useful tips!

By mitch
On August 11, 2016

5 Tips To Not Get Ripped Off Buying Menswear | How to Identify Quality Clothing

You sit down quickly and your pant button snaps.
Or you wash your shirt 3 times and the color fades.
What is the common denominator in both of these scenarios?
Poor quality clothing.

Chances are you spent decent money too.

Have you ever purchased something you thought was high quality but turned out to be cheap?
Far too often many of us have been there.
We spend thousands of dollars over our lifetime to make sure that we have the clothing that we need. Buying pieces that don’t last is literally a waste of money, time, and effort.
So the question is, how do you know quality when you see it?
Well, here are 5 ways to help you properly identify quality clothing.
Within these tips are 2 indicators that aren’t always a full proof way to discern quality and 3 iron clad things to look for that will all but guarantee that you have a high-quality product.

#1 Take Price Of Clothing Into Account

Price is not a good gauge of whether or not an article of clothing is quality. The old adage that says “you get what you pay for” is not always accurate but in the case of clothing, it can point you in the right direction.

For example, some shirts are very expensive because of the name brand or the department store that it’s sold in has to maintain a certain profit margin.

Or, perhaps it’s a handmade shirt that is constructed from remarkable fabric with a unique design or pattern, custom fitted (not tailored after the fact) to your body, with an amazing bespoke experience to boot.

The price then is justified because of the quality of the product. So as a generalization price can be tricky when determining the quality of the article of clothing. It’s not a clear indicator but can definitely point you in the right direction.

One way to determine if the price is a strong indicator of quality is to take a look at the other pieces in a store. If you can find a quality item and or brand that you are familiar with, more than likely the store is going to follow suit (pun intended) with the quality of all items.

#2 Brand Recognition

Brands can be misleading as well.

Oftentimes, brands earn their position of being known as high quality. This has been done over decades using proven, detailed, and painstaking manufacturing techniques that produce stellar menswear items.

However, what has happened over the last few years, with the enormous and uncharted growth of some companies is the acquiring of quality brands.

Once this happens, it’s not unusual for quality to suffer because of business practices such as cost cutting, labor reductions, outsourcing manufacturing to cheaper companies/countries, etc. When this happens, quality tends to diminish.

With that being said, brand recognition can still hint at you that a particular brand’s pieces are well made. It may require you to do some research beforehand to verify.

#3 Pay Close Attention To Details On The Fabric

The first true indicator as opposed to guides that may or may not point you in the right direction. Attention to detail is more difficult to quickly notice but it’s a fool proof way to determine quality.

Now to be able to notice small yet valuable details requires you as the consumer and style maven to have done your homework. It necessitates that you do a little reading, talk to your local haberdasher, and other forms of research so that you can know the makings of quality fabric or the different types of stitching that will indicate that something has been handmade.

I’ve mentioned handmade a few times and let me explain why. Now, I’m not saying that if an item isn’t handmade it isn’t high quality. That’s not always the case. However, when an item is handmade, there are usually time-intensive details and require a great level of care that are put into the crafting of the item. It shows that the company/brand/manufacturer didn’t cut corners.


For example, let’s take a shirt. Components such as:

Weight/gauge of the fabric
Collar construction; is it sturdy and well made
Stitching per inch (at least 14 stitches/inch) – this is because the more stitches per inch, the stronger the seams will be, thus the shirt is less likely to come apart over time
Is there a split yoke versus a solid panel on the upper back of the shirt? Split yokes have a better fit.
Is there a Gusset attached to the bottom of the side panels to reduce the stress of form fitting shirts?

Doing research beforehand so that you can know what to look for is critical in spotting the detail. It trains your eye. In fact, this mode of thinking – educating yourself based on your passions and desires, is a tenet at Real Men Real Style and can be applied to grooming techniques, fragrances, jewelry or any other facet of menswear.

#4 Quality of the Clothing Hardware

This differs from “paying attention to details” in that the hardware is often time more noticeable. Buttons are a good example.

Whether it’s the buttons on a leather jacket or the buttons on a shirt, it’s a noticeable detail that really will speak volumes when it comes to quality.

Type of button: Mother of pearl buttons are rarer thus will be more expensive as opposed to standard plastic buttons. Plastic buttons are more apt to cracking and breaking than the mother of pearl buttons.
Hand sewed: Is the button hand sewn and does it have a shank between the button and the placket of the shirt? A shank is a sewing technique that allows some separation so that the button and fabric will lie flat and seamlessly.
The gauge of the buttons: The buttons should be at least 3mm thick. A thin button is not as sturdy and will likely fall out of the button hole.
Button holes: Sturdy button holes with a high stitch count (as previously discussed) will are signs of a well-crafted shirt
It doesn’t matter what kind of menswear item, make sure you take note of the quality of the hardware. Another example can be shoes. Pay attention to:

The heel and sole: make sure it’s sturdy and glued well
Shoelaces: The shoelaces should be strong with strong aglets. An aglet is the plastic or metal tip at the end of the shoelace. If the aglet is weak, it’s a sign of a cheap shoelace…which can be an indication of a low-quality shoe.

#5 Notice Quality Material In The Fabric

Notice the difference between well-made fabrics and regular “run of the mill” fabrics. The best way to do this is and educate yourself on fabrics is to visit a high-end menswear store or haberdashery.

Speak to the stylists and salespersons.
Try on clothing to feel the difference in the fabric’s weight, breathability, mobility etc.
Notice the deep rich colors.
Observe the unique patterns and how they align perfectly throughout the garment.
Ask about the mills where the fabric was created.
Become an aficionado so that you can buy investment pieces that will last for a decade or two.
You will begin to realize the difference and the range of fabrics that are available.

As with hardware, you can do the same thing with shoes. Pay attention to:

The quality of the leather
Imperfections: Examine texture and shine of the leather. If the shoe is wrought with imperfections, it may not be of the best quality.
Is the leather stiff and rigid or does it move with your foot as you walk
Cracks – Does the shoe have major creases and cracks in the toe? *Creases are inevitable but if the shoe creases really easily and quickly, this is an indication of low-quality leather.
Don’t Overspend On Cheap Clothing

To conclude, take into account these five things, along with thorough research and you will quickly learn how to spot quality menswear items. Yes, they may cost more upfront, but it’s worth the investment and saving money in the long run!

“Being a true gentleman never goes out of Fashion.”

By mitch

See our mention in the Footwear News

By mitch

It’s getting increasingly easier for men to do their shoe shopping from the comfort of their man caves following the recent launch of Cobble & Hyde, a direct-to-consumer online business.

The collection focuses on classic silhouettes from wingtips to chukka boots, all retailing at $220. According to president Bart Nydish, the footwear can be kept accessibly priced by taking the line straight to consumers.
According to Nydish, the collection’s target audience is professionals of all ages, with a more casual series of weekend looks in the works.

Shoes are available in sizes eight to 13 in a medium width. Each pair comes with its own travel shoe bag. Shipping as well as exchanges or returns are free. To ensure a proper fit, there is a measuring guide on the site as well as proper shoe-care tips.

Read more at: