Kenton Jodhpur Boot In Black 2 Ways

By Sabir Peele
On February 7, 2017

Our Kenton Jodhpur boot has become one of our most popular styles from the Bloomsbury Collection and we have two ways for you to style them into your wardrobe. Our modern take on this classic boot makes our Jodhpur perfect for the office and for the weekend, especially when you’re looking for a style upgrade.

The Office-Ready Kenton Jodhpur

Kenton Jodhpur Boot in Black – Cobble & Hyde | Havana Grey Check Suit – Suitsupply | Watch – Novo Watch | Striped Tie & Pocket Square – The Tie Bar | Black Leather Briefcase – Opperman London | Cutaway Collar Blue Oxford Shirt – Twillory

Amping up your work look can be a daunting task for almost every guy. As a result, most guys have been stuck in a rut when it comes to upgrading their footwear selection. You’ve taken the time to put together your best suited look and pairing it with a Jodhpur boot is the perfectly unexpected way to add some British rakishness to your style without peacocking at the office. Below are a few tips to pulling off this rockstar style at your 9 to 5.

  • Know Your Patterns: keep it simple! Too many patterns can really throw your look into fashion victim category. Opt for a subtle patterned or solid suit and simple accessories.
  • A Good Taper Goes A Long Way: your boots have a slender silhouette, so your pants and suit jacket so match. Get to a tailor and have your pants and jacket taken in slightly
  • Shine Bright: treat your boots like a pair of Oxford shoes and shine them up for the office

Jodhpur Weekender

Kenton Jodhpur Boot in Black – Cobble & Hyde | Red Knit Sweat Shirt – Todd Snyder | Black Watch Cotton Jacket – Barbour | White Jeans – Uniqlo | Winston Eyeglasses – Warby Parker | Mr. Dent Fedora – Goorin Bros | Black Weekender Watch – Timex

These boots are made for the weekend too! Headed to brunch or drinks with you buddies or even a casual date — leave those busted sneakers at home. It’s time to show off your style knowledge and maybe impress a few people. The Jodhpur boot has its history in horseback riding, so pay homage to their sporty roots by adding varsity style pieces like a tailored sweatshirt to this casual look. Feeling lost? Here’s a few tips to pulling off your sporty casual Jodhpur weekend look.

    • Contrasting Style:

pairing black shoes with white jeans is a classic but sometimes underutilized style move. They offer the perfect contrast that’s part high fashion & everyday style.

    • Add A Pop of Color:

a heathered red sweatshirt adds some needed color and sportiness to this look.

    • Playing The Field (Jacket):

a waxed cotton field jacket has similar style roots as the boots, so they’re made to be worn together. The subtle metal hardware of the zippers & buttons complement the Jodhpur boot buckle to a T.

( Sometimes You Need To Ease Into Style)

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