The Right Snuff

By Sabir Peele
On September 27, 2016


Before Sabir M. Peele of Men’s Style Pro began freelance consulting for Cobble & Hyde — he was a valued customer. And, one of his favorite pair of shoes is Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords. Below check out how he styles them and why he loves our shoes.

Sabir M. Peele Of Men's Style Pro Wearing Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords

                                                                                                                     Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords (available in all sizes) $195



“As a shoe lover, finding a suede Oxford in the perfect hue of snuff brown is a feat onto itself. There’s a warmth in the texture that translates well in almost any outfit — suit to denim. My preferred way to style these Oxfords is with a pair of white jeans because of the contrast in color  + grounding affect they offer. During the colder months, these shoes will look great with natty tweed suit trousers in blue & grey.”

MSP in Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords

It’s About Bring The Look Together


“If you’re a follower of Men’s Style Pro (especially on instagram @MensStylePro), it’s a fact that I’m no stranger to a bold suit. This summer, I acquired this navy & green gingham suit for the London-based brand Hardy Amies. At first look, it’s a head turner that needs a strong grounding agent — which is why these Oxfords are my number one choice. The brown complements the green & navy of the suit and the texture of the shoes adds some depth to the look. These shoes give either tones a good name”