#InstaFresh Four Week One

By Sabir Peele
On July 5, 2017

Being #InstaFresh isn’t about selfies, it’s about crushing the style game. Our weekly picks do just that and inspire the way Cobble & Hyde design shoes. 

Welcome C&H’s Inaugural #InstaFresh Four

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 Angel Ramos                           Ignacio Quiles                             Lapo Elkann                     Denny Balmaceda

Cobble & Hyde #InstaFresh Four Week 1

Angel Ramos of @AngelBespoke

#InstaFresh Angel Ramos & Cobble & Hyde Westminster Suede Snuff Loafer

Angel Ramos was selected as Esquire Magazine’s Best Dressed Real Man in America in 2010 and has kept his reign over the menswear world ever since. The one-time luxury real estate agent turned menswear designer of Angel Bespoke has inspired troves of sprezzy-internet guys to step up their international style game. 

Why We Like His Style

With a flair for Italian-tailoring with an always present New York swagger, Angel sets himself apart from the typical American style. If you scour his Instagram account @AngelBespoke, you’ll see that his footwear of choice is a minimal pair of loafers.

For Ramos, we chose our Westminster Tassel Loafer in Snuff Suede.  


Ignacia Quiles of @SartorialPairings

Ignacio Quiles x Cobble & Hyde Wimbledon Chelsea Boots Black #InstaFresh

Ignacio is the guy on the web that you wished was your cool uncle. Model, designer and life-rockstar, Ignacio oozes the kind of confidence & style that’s so magnetising that you’re automatically drawn to him.

Why We Like His Style

With a deep appreciation for traditional tailoring, but, also having a keen eye for modern street style, Quiles style mixes both worlds effortlessly. One day you’ll see him fully suited with the finest headwear and the next he’s in full rockstar mode in distressed denim. Check out his Instagram account @SartorialPairings.

For Ignacio, we chose our Wimbledon Chelsea Boots in Black. 


Lapo Elkann of @Lapoiindependent 

Lapo Elkann #InstaFresh Cobbe & Hyde Shoes

Lapo Elkann is known worldwide for his over-the-top style and had many Best Dressed lists and for good reason. A member of the Agnielli family, this former marketing manager of Fiat and current president of Italia Independent, Lapo’s lifestyle matches his flamboyant but well-tailored style of dress.

Why We Like His Style

He’s willing to push boundaries & has fun when it comes to men’s style and product design. Any guy that can rock a 6-inch wide peak lapel tuxedo jacket and jeans with a beanie, while making it look good, gets a nod from us.

For Lapo we chose our Finchley Kiltie Loafer in Tan (for obvious reasons).

Denny Balmaceda of @Denny623

Denny Balmaceda #InstaFresh x Cobble & Hyde Shoes

If there’s a guy on this list that’s a true style chameleon it’s Denny BalmacedaBlogging since 2009, Denny isn’t just a trendsetter, he a creative that has caught the eye of many brands & publications like The Brooklyn Circus, Cadillac, GQ among others.

Why We Like His Style

Creating stylish looks is a good life skill, but, creating stylish looks that tell a story is an art that Denny. With an affinity for vintage style, especially from the 70’s, Denny somehow give that era a modern edge that only he can pull off. The other side of his style is modern streetwear with a love of high-top Jordan, Vans & leather jackets.

We chose the Latimer Boot in black for Denny because of his love of boots & suits combos.

Who do you think should be in our next #InstaFresh Four! Fill our the contact form below with your suggestions! 

The Right Snuff

By Sabir Peele
On September 27, 2016


Before Sabir M. Peele of Men’s Style Pro began freelance consulting for Cobble & Hyde — he was a valued customer. And, one of his favorite pair of shoes is Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords. Below check out how he styles them and why he loves our shoes.

Sabir M. Peele Of Men's Style Pro Wearing Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords

                                                                                                                     Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords (available in all sizes) $195



“As a shoe lover, finding a suede Oxford in the perfect hue of snuff brown is a feat onto itself. There’s a warmth in the texture that translates well in almost any outfit — suit to denim. My preferred way to style these Oxfords is with a pair of white jeans because of the contrast in color  + grounding affect they offer. During the colder months, these shoes will look great with natty tweed suit trousers in blue & grey.”

MSP in Piccadilly Snuff Oxfords

It’s About Bring The Look Together


“If you’re a follower of Men’s Style Pro (especially on instagram @MensStylePro), it’s a fact that I’m no stranger to a bold suit. This summer, I acquired this navy & green gingham suit for the London-based brand Hardy Amies. At first look, it’s a head turner that needs a strong grounding agent — which is why these Oxfords are my number one choice. The brown complements the green & navy of the suit and the texture of the shoes adds some depth to the look. These shoes give either tones a good name”