The Versatile Westminster Tassel Loafer

By Sabir Peele
On September 15, 2016


Fresh Step Forward

Fall is always an exciting time for men’s footwear because you can wear just about anything. Transition from the summer months in a great pair of loafers or add a new boot to your rotation — the possibilities are truly endless. To kick off our How-To Series, we’ve selected our Westminster Tassel Loafer in black to show you two ways to wear them this fall (or year-round).

Are you a suit or leather jacket guy? More than likely, you’re both of these guys — most guys teeter between both. Finding the right shoe that not only meets the formality of the office and the modern ruggedness of everyday casual wear is tricky. A tassel loafer might now come to mind as your first choice to wear with a leather jacket or a suit, but, these classic shoes hold their own in both sartorial situations. They might even become your secret weapon to no brainer dressing. 

Style Tips

  • Be A Style Rebel With A Cause: a leather jacket instantly conjures up James Dean-like vibes and he wasn’t one to shy away from donning a sharp pair of loafers. The combination together offers a contrast that’s modern, preppy and edgy all at the same time. (White socks optional)
  • Suitable For The Office: the light grey suit is this fall’s go to for taking the office by storm in style. Of course brown shoes are a classic & fail safe combination with that grey suit, but, black leather tassel loafers add an informal elegance to your suited kit that’s unexpected. Add accessories like a charcoal wool tie and black leather watch for some depth and to complement your shoes perfectly.

Shined Bright: a dull shoe = a sad shoe (especially black leather shoes). If you’re wearing your shoes 2 to 3 times per week, they’ll need a fresh shine once a week. Saphir makes outstanding polish and leather conditioners that will keep all your shoes primed & shined!